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Clemmer Group

General Group News and Other Relevant Information

Upcoming Group Meetings

Group meetings are held weekly from 10a–12p every Monday and Friday in Simon Hall room SI216A. All are welcome to attend. Dates and presenters are subject to change. Please contact the group if you are interested in attending any of these meetings for more information.

Date Presenter
20 July 2012 Natalya
27 July 2012 Michael
03 August 2012 Nick
06 August 2012 Jon
10 August 2012 Matt
13 August 2012 Melody
17 August 2012 Feifei
20 August 2012 Huilin
24 August 2012 Jason
27 August 2012 Chris
31 August 2012 Jieun
03 September 2012 Rebecca
07 September 2012 Steve
10 September 2012 Maissa
14 September 2012 Alex

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Group Photo Galleries

The many adventures of the group have been documented in picture form throughout the years. These images have been collected and are presented in two formats. Links to the image galleries and animated slideshows can be found below.

A complete list of all past Group News can be found here, including a long list of archieved copies of past professional articles and other news stories where possible. These are presented in their original forms without additional comment or discussion.