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Clemmer Group



Topics of research within the Clemmer Group are varied and consist of a wide-range of both developmental Ion Mobility techniques as well as focused applications of these techniques in order to overcome specific fundamental and analytical problems. A basic primer on Ion Mobility techniques can be found here in addition to the Wikipedia article, both of which provide a basic background understanding of the techniques and methods. For a more thorough discussion of Ion Mobility, we highly recommend Transport Properties of Ions in Gases by E.A. Mason and E.W. McDaniel.

Fundamentals and Applications

The Clemmer lab investigates the intersection of ion mobility spectrometry techniques and instrumentation, complex mixture analysis, and fundamentals in conformational analysis. Here are a few of our most recent adventures and long-standing interests.

Instrumentation Development

Instrumentation development in our lab follows a diversity of paths all of which aim to solve current problems in ion mobility and mass spectrometric analysis. In particular much of our focus is on probing the energetics and kinetics of conformational interconversions and on high resolution measurements of ion mobility and collision cross section.