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Clemmer Group

Cross Section Database

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This database focuses on electrospray-generated ions from solutions that may preserve native-like structures. Similar complementary resources are also available from both Prof. Matt Bush's group at the University of Washington and Prof. John McLean's group at Vanderbilt University. Where possible, please cite the appropriate publication(s) as necessary, rather than this website.


Tryptic Digests: Singly-protonated and doubly-protonated .

Homopoylmers (polyaminoacids: Xxxn)

Miscellaneous Peptides: bradykinin, substance P, modified angiotensin II, and insulin chain A.


Miscellaneous Proteins: ubiquitin (bovine), cytochrome c (horse), lysozyme (turkey egg white), and apomyoglobin (sperm whale)


Oligothymidine: (T10nH)n