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Animation and Movies

LC–IMS–MS: drosophilia Genome, Summer 2002

We are in the process of developing rapid and sensitive techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex proteome mixtures. To demonstrate the multidimensional separations we show a movie below. This movie is a display of ~200 nested ion mobility time of flight data sets that are accumulated in 15 s increments as peptides leave the capillary column. It is worthwhile to say a few more words about the rate of data acquisition and the sample and instrumental parameters. We carry out these experiments using a home-built (prototype) instrument. Here, the instrument is a capilary LC–ESI source-ion trap-drift tube-quadrupole MS-octopole collision cell-reflectron mass spectrometer. Further description and information can be found here.


Protein Dynamics in an Ion Trap, Summer 2001

As ions of cytochrome c are stored in an ion trap for longer periods of time, the observed distribution of conformations for each charge state shifts from relatively compact states (low drift time) to much more open conformations (high drift time). Here, we obverve charge states ranging from 7+ (long flight times) to 15+ (short flight times). More information can be found here.


Other Movies and Animations

In addition to these original animations, an updated collection of other research-related animations can be found through the following links. More information about each of the movies can also be found through the associated Research page as well.